About Us

Infomanif agency is positioned as an entertainment agency on the Internet that organizes your cultural and sports entertainment through events. Infomanif makes you know the manifestations of its catalog, creating an entertaining space to meet with family or friends.

Our business

Infomanif works in the field of events. The agency builds its own catalog of events, seeking all the entertainment of culture and sport, organized in France and around the world.

For this, Infomanif works with professionals in the leisure industry such as Tourist Offices, Trade Unions, Theater Societies, Town Halls and local authorities. All these actors intuitively form a recreation corporation.

The Infomanif catalog is resolutely international. Announced events are organized in France and some French-speaking countries, such as Belgium, Luxembourg, Canada, Switzerland.

A leisure magazine completes the catalog of events. This magazine offers Internet users the reading of recent news articles and news articles. The magazine’s main objective is to highlight the events announced, but also more broadly, to inform about the leisure life. All this daily and weekly.

I am a passionate player as well as amateur video game developer and also designer. When not gaming I take pleasure in traveling and also advertising and marketing and job numerous clients. Throughout the day I work for an honor winning imaginative advertising and marketing firm in London and also in the off hours I play games, make video games and develop graphics for others to use in their very own video games. I also examine games so overall, I’m all about the games.

This blog site is my homage to video games and also I talk about whats taking place in the video games sector, recall at video gaming titles, check out game marketing and offer my point of views on both AAA and Indie games. I’ve had a slew of computers and also consoles for many years starting with the Atari 2600 right to my Xbox One.

Infomanif is the home of the transformation. Information, assesses, attributes, video game growth help, games for youngsters’s, and more videos that tremble a stick at.

Infomanif is a house for our interest for video games, a platform for our common appreciation for the power that they wield.

From one man indie games to massive AAA titles, 3D development to getting started as a video game blogger. If you want video games, you’re in the right place.

In ‘some’ my spare time I create video game graphics and 2D assets for various indie game designers. I have produced game graphics for over 50+ ready every ages and also my art design is ‘cartoon’ which incorporates every little thing from basic South Park Design to extra comics or Disney style.

When I am not working with individual clients I am regularly updating my 2D video game properties on the internet shop Graphic-Buffet. This has more than 140 products ranging from simple star graphics all the way to finish platformer video game graphics loads. The majority of these packs are priced at $5.

Among my hopes is to one day have enough graphics on the website to produce an impressive 2D retro inspired game. If I every obtain the moment.