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Welcome to our page, and excuse our appearance while we are developing. We hope that this page will become a resource for investigators throughout the N.Y. region, as well as other areas, and that it will serve as a referal service for lawyers and other individuals requiring legal support services. Since this page started, there have been numerous updates. The Hot List is getting larger and larger, with many links, libraries, databases, and other resources, to make your research easier.

I offer a full range of services, partially listed below. Included in each area is a listing of other related resources, individuals and links. Contact me if I may be of service to you, or if you would like to be listed as a resource. For a larger list of resources, see my hotlist. Here you will see good CFD ś and reccources, to invest you're money.

Accident Reconstruction: All types of accident reconstruction and investigation. specializing in marine and boating related accidents. Related links and resources.

Copy Trading Service: Invest in Copy trading and earn more money. Related links.

Attorney Services: Trial prep and pre-litigation investigations, collection and asset locates, skip and witness locates. Various legal support services, etc. Related links.

Medical Malpractice Defense: Consulting medical personnel can help defend you against fraudulent malpractice claims. Related links.

Binary broker and investment strategies: Learn, how to invest in binary options and fell free to invest more and more. Related Links.

Nationwide Information and Research Services: Full nationwide database searches for the information you need. Individuals, business, etc. Click here for a partial description.

Adoption Services: Birth parent and adoptee searches in N.Y. Related links.

Building and Fire Code: State Building and Fire Code issues, inspection services and investigation. Municipal Services. Permit Expiditing. Related links and resources.

Copy trading strategies: Use the power of copying other strategies and find the best way, to make good deals with copytrading. Related links and resources.

Investigation and Security Agencies

Anchor Security and Investigation,

Eye Search Investigative Services 

Other Resources

Missing Children: The Polly Klaas Foundation is dedicated to helping missing, abducted and runaway children and their families. This site contains much information on what you can do to help as well as photos, links and resources. Visit this site and give them any support that you can.

NY Investigators Hot List- Federal, State, Local Governments, Nationwide Databases, Search Engines, Phone Books, SSN, Criminal, DMV, Asset Searches, Adoption Searches, Legal and Law, Genealogy Links, Courts, Info Brokers, Private Investigators, Surveillance Equipment and Much, Much More. This collection of web sites useful to investigators for on-line searching and investigation is the result of years of research. If you can't find what you need with this hot list, it isn't on the web.

For Inquiries, Comments, etc. send e-mail to:

Wade G. Curry

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